Move with urgency and focus

Our clients entrust us with their businesses and their livelihoods, and together we create new products that will help save lives, save the planet, and preserve our way of living. 
We take that responsibility very seriously.

The premium experience

Hardware Development needs to be an engaging, creative and exciting experience. We continuously create new tools and processes that generate more value to the final product, and to the experience of developing it.

Decide Consciously

Every decision we make has a big impact in the future of your product, your business, and the world. We are conscious about the impact of our decisions and simplify your decision making providing clear data that you can understand.


3DWays started when our CEO invented a Smart Fan for camping tents. It was so hard to industrialize the idea that he took a step back and started his own way of helping inventors like him, getting things done! For real! Today, together with a team of hardware founders, partners and factories, we help inventors like us succeed and change the world for the better.


From founders to founders, we have been through your struggles of investors saying “hardware is risky”, suppliers that don’t reply, a world of manufacturing documents that seem never ending, and so many others. We joined in a common goal of making it easy for inventors like ourselves to change the world.
Today we have a core team of designers and engineers, over 30 experts that join for specific stages of specific projects (materials engineers, bio-designers, etc.) and over 300 factories audited in 40+ manufacturing technologies.


In-house we have a decentralized prototyping factory of 25+ machines that we use to simultaneously prototype all the solutions for each feature of your product. 
In our close network, we scale our prototyping capacity with over 100 prototyping partners, thus allowing us to prototype with quality, fast, close to you, in any material.


We have audited and built a network of partners that we manage for you, allowing you to focus on core activities, move faster and confident.


Junior designer

Are you a design enthusiast eager to kick-start your creative career? We are seeking for a Junior Designer to join our innovative studio and grow alongside our diverse design projects.

Ready to unleash your creativity? Send your resume and portfolio to with "Junior Designer Application" in the subject line. Let's craft amazing designs together!

Senior Designer

Are you a design maven eager to lead and innovate? Our multi-disciplinary design studio is seeking a Senior Designer to spearhead captivating projects across diverse industries.

Ready to redefine design norms? Send your resume and portfolio to with the subject "Senior Designer Application." Let's craft the extraordinary together.