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What included with Product
3D Models and Technical Drawings, Renders and the Documentation you will need for manufacturing and certification


Business, Functional and Technical Requirement Analysis workshops to fully detail the challenge.

UX research

Conduct an unbiased surveys and interviews that generate early adopters and true requirements.


Industrial Design to fully define concepts, present solutions to stakeholders and test assumptions.


Optimize designs for the ideal manufacturing technologies to leverage

UX Test

Test your product in engaging focus groups and payed pilots that validate assumptions while generating traction.


Generate documentation for effective investment, manufacturing, patent and certification.
What is included with
Your Products, on time, on budget. You only deal with branding, and sales.


Materials Analysis and Selection based on your requirements


Electronic and Mechanical Component Sourcing


Manufacturing Process Selection for optimized production


We manage the whole supply chain, ensuring deadlines and the quality of the manufactured products meet the targets


Production Decentralization, lowering dependency on suppliers and leveraging near-shore production


Product Assembly and Quality Assurance that ensures 100% sattisfaction
What is included with
Reverse Engineering
We utilize state-of-the-art technology to deconstruct products down to their core components, analyze their construction, and identify areas for improvement or adaptation. Our service is ideal for component replacement, product updates, or understanding competitor products.


Leverage technology to conduct a thorough analysis of the product specifications and identify improvement opportunities.


Detailed disassembly and documentation of every component leveraging 3D Scanning, Reverse Engineering and X-Ray.


Using AI to optimize and redesign each component for enhanced performance.


Testing different solutions, materials and technologies, and refining the new design for optimal results


Document each component and the assembly for certification, internal processes and quality assurance


We become your supplier, combining more than 40 manufacturing technologies with a click of a button. Speed and quality ensured.
With our reverse engineering services,
we provide a pathway to innovation that respects existing successes while striving for further excellence.
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Products Developed


Empowered Inventors


Prototyping hours
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Partner Factories


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Your product

Designed with Finesse
& High Quality

After defining the sketched solutions that are better aligned with your vision and that accurately solve the challenges, we will separately develop and prototype each critical feature (joints, fittings, ergonomics, finishing, etc.) of your product and iterate very quickly for a fast, accurate, lean experience. Only after validating each component, will we move to integrate every critical feature with the non-critical ones and deliver your dream product. The Product Design will be validated by you with user friendly software that allows you to visualize, interact and analyse the characteristics of the design remotely and as soon as you are happy with the results, our team will manufacture a physical prototype that replicates the product experience for you and other stakeholders to test and ensure a rewarding user experience.

Electronic and
Mechanical Part Sourcing

Your product most of the times contains off-the-shelf components that will have direct impact on the cost and performance of your solution. Identifying these components and the suppliers that are reliable and cost-efficient is a task that relies on experience, a reliable network and know-how. By sourcing components to many of our clients we are constantly in contact with various suppliers and auditing new ones. That is why we are able to source this components globally for you and give you early pricing estimates for the various components, saving you time and money.


An audit is a comprehensive review that ensures all activities comply with legal, ethical, and technical standards. It involves examining the methodologies, tools, and processes used in reverse engineering to ascertain their appropriateness and effectiveness.
The benefit of Conducting Audiets are; Enhances Credibility, Promotes Innovation, Risk Mitigatio and  Quality Improvement.
Auditing is not just a compliance necessity but a strategic approach to foster innovation, ensure ethical practices, and uphold quality standards. By incorporating regular audits, organizations can harness the full potential of reverse engineering while maintaining integrity and contributing to sustainable development in the field.


Deconstruction is a process of dismantling a product or system to understand its components, materials, and assembly methods. This advanced method goes beyond mere disassembly, involving a systematic and detailed analysis of each part, often for the purposes of reverse engineering, failure analysis, or recycling.
Deconstruction leverages cutting-edge technologies like 3D scanning, reverse engineering, and X-Ray imaging to achieve an unprecedented level of detail and accuracy.
Deconstruction, empowered by technologies like 3D scanning, reverse engineering, and X-Ray imaging, is a powerful approach in modern engineering and manufacturing. It offers deep insights into product design, encourages innovation, and plays a significant role in quality control and sustainability. By adopting these advanced techniques, industries can not only enhance their products but also contribute positively to environmental conservation.


Reconstruction is a forward-thinking process that goes beyond merely replicating existing designs. It involves reimagining and redesigning components to achieve superior performance, efficiency, or functionality. This transformative approach is increasingly powered by the capabilities of Artificial Intelligence (AI).
AI has revolutionized the field of engineering by introducing new levels of efficiency and innovation in the reconstruction process. By harnessing AI, engineers can not only replicate but significantly improve upon existing designs.
The integration of AI in the reconstruction process marks a significant leap in engineering, transforming the way components are redesigned and optimized. By embracing AI, engineers can push the boundaries of innovation, creating products that are not only more efficient and effective but also more aligned with the evolving needs of society and the environment.


Prototyping is a critical phase in the engineering and design process, serving as a bridge between conceptualization and final product realization. It involves creating functional models or simulations to test, evaluate, and refine various aspects of a new design. This iterative process is key to developing innovative and effective solutions.
Prototyping allows designers and engineers to explore multiple solutions to a given problem. By building and testing different designs, the most effective and efficient solution can be identified.
Material selection is crucial in prototyping. Different materials can significantly impact the performance, durability, and aesthetics of the final product. Prototyping involves testing various materials to determine the best fit for the specific application.
Advancements in technology continuously provide new tools and methods for prototyping. From 3D printing to advanced simulation software, these technologies enable more accurate and faster prototyping.
Prototyping is inherently iterative. Each prototype brings valuable insights, leading to design modifications and improvements. This process of refinement continues until the optimal design is achieved.


The documentation of components and assembly processes is not just a procedural necessity; it's a cornerstone of quality, compliance, and efficiency. This detailed documentation serves multiple critical purposes, from certification to quality assurance and internal process optimization.
Detailed documentation of each component and assembly process is essential for obtaining industry certifications. It provides evidence that products meet regulatory standards and industry specifications.
Comprehensive documentation plays a crucial role in quality assurance. It helps in identifying and correcting errors, maintaining high standards throughout the production cycle.
Documenting each component and the assembly process is an indispensable part of the engineering and manufacturing landscape. It is pivotal for certification, enhancing internal processes, and ensuring quality assurance. In an industry where precision and reliability are paramount, effective documentation is the foundation upon which successful products are built.


In today's fast-paced industrial landscape, the need for speed, efficiency, and quality in manufacturing is paramount. We position ourselves as your go-to supplier, seamlessly integrating over 40 advanced manufacturing technologies to meet your needs with just a click of a button.
Our extensive suite of over 40 manufacturing technologies ranges from traditional methods to cutting-edge digital fabrication techniques. This diversity ensures that we have the perfect solution for any manufacturing challenge.
We understand the value of time in business. Our streamlined processes and state-of-the-art equipment enable us to deliver your products with exceptional speed without compromising on precision or quality.
Quality is not just a promise; it's an integral part of our manufacturing process. We employ rigorous quality control measures to ensure that every product meets the highest standards of excellence.
In an era where convenience is key, we offer you the ease of managing your manufacturing needs with a simple click. Our intuitive platform allows you to select, customize, and order your manufacturing requirements effortlessly.
As your manufacturing partner, we bring a blend of technology, expertise, and customer-centric service. Whether you're looking for rapid prototyping or large-scale production, our promise is a seamless experience, delivering speed and quality with every product. Transform your manufacturing journey with us, where innovation meets efficiency at the click of a button.


Your product will always have a number of specifications that range from high temperature resistance to UV resistance, from passing CE certification to low weight. From the thousands of metal, polymer, ceramic and composite materials available today, choosing that ones that best suit your requirements demands extensive knowledge on materials engineering, mechanical engineering and manufacturing. Our team, partnering with certification agencies, laboratories and universities, will analyse your requirements, identify the suitable materials, test them, and give you actionable insights to make a smart decision that will impact the functionality and cost of your product.

Supply Chain Management

Most of the companies are all replicating the effort to find and audit the factories to manufacture their products. That task is inefficient and ineffective from the start. Not only they don’t have the means to audit 300 factories but they are most likely not auditing each machine in each factory. That means that you are choosing a key partner that will have a high impact on the success of your product based on a few references and few KPI’s. For years 3DWays has been collecting and analysing data on each machine in each factory, their specifications, advantages and disadvantages. By mapping out the industrial machines all over the world, we provide you products (not reports), manufactured in the optimal machine, located at the optimal country for each stage of the product’s lifecycle.


Challenges will always happen and defected parts will always be manufactured for a multitude of reasons that range from machine malfunction to human error or both. The Lean Manufacturing processes leveraged by 3DWays make sure that the defects are detected soon and reduce or eliminate the impact of that defect on the production timeline. All our partner factories are supplied with high quality product models and drawings, quality assurance documentation to fallow, and test jigs and fixtures to accelerate the quality assurance process of your product thus reducing the defect rates and their impact on production timelines.


is an Experience

Nothing gives more confidence to your distributors, investors, and relevant stakeholders like a physical product just like the one to me manufactured in scale. This is the reason why we have every 3D Printing technology in-house and have been working for years to perfect the post-processing of 3D Printed products to give them the look and feel of a final product. 3D Printed products in resins, polymers and metals are great but in many cases the prototype for PoC and Certifications must be manufactured with traditional methods such as sheet metal laser cutting, bending, soldering, etc. Leveraging our manufacturing network we are able not only to prototype these components but we are able to prototype them leveraging more than 40 manufacturing technologies and every material available.
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